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The Paladin Market

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The Paladin Market Empty The Paladin Market

Post by Scythe of Fate on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:26 am

Hey guys, so here is The Paladin Market. You can buy certain bonuses here with "Honor". Honor is obtained through Arena/Shadow duels, Winning events, Posting in forums and creating threads. You also get Honor for every day you are a member of the academy.

When we get more members who are willing to participate in the academies growth, and join us for events, the prices in the shop will rise. BUT, when I increase the shop prices, the Arena duel rewards will also increase, and so will Event Rewards.

Change in Username. (200)

Glow added to username. (250)

Change in glow color. (125)

GFX Shop (300)

Dorm Restest (500)

More to be added soon. Please give suggestions on what to add.

Scythe of Fate

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