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D&D game, 7/1/2017

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D&D game, 7/1/2017 Empty D&D game, 7/1/2017

Post by Drowsiestcoder7 on Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:49 pm

Biri, the red dragonborn barbarian.
Traxtiv, the gnome mystic of the nomad domain.
Draga, the human nature domain cleric.
Killey, the phoenix sorcerer.

so during the game session a week before this, the party successfully defended the king and his family for assassination from a kabal of villians consisting of a Yuan-ti Malison, a werepanther, a awakened skeleton, and a masked individual.
after that they went to a council of lords where the king, his court mage, and all the lords of the towns in his kingdom met to disscuss what to do next. the party decided to travel to Frostwall, a town of barbarians to the far north that held the largest crypt in the kingdom to figure out where the skeleton came from, as this is not the first time the party had encountered a skeleton capable of speech and moving in unnatural ways. so on their 18 day trip to Frostwall, most everything passed on without much problems, until their 15th day, in which they found the bodies of two barbarian soldiers oxygen deprived and dead after being flung 80 ft. later on that very same day, the party was attacked by a large and very angry air elemental, that nearly killed Draga, as she failed to prevent herself from being flung 30 ft away by the air elemental's hurricane ability. after defeating the elemental, the party reaches Frostwall, and encounters one of lord Dulthas Ironblood, Janessa, his oldest daughter. she leads the group the town and eventually leads them to the crypt, outside of which is Potion Splash, a alchemist kenku, who sells two characters a special potion. upon buying the potion, the party meets Skyler, the crypts caretaker, who tells them that the crypt is not only 40 floors deep, but floor 35 was infested with some kind of spider creature. they decided to go to floor 35 to investigate. after Killey accidentally killed everyone by burning a large number spiderwebs on the crypt floor, they re-entered the room, after traveling through the first hallway, the party was attacked by two ettercaps, spider like creatures who attack with garautte wires made from spidersilk. after killing the spider beasts, the party then continues their journey into the crypt.

to be continued next week.

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