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Armityle and Timaeus Dorms

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Armityle and Timaeus Dorms Empty Armityle and Timaeus Dorms

Post by JamesJolt on Sat Jul 01, 2017 5:21 pm

To enter these dorms, you must be in Dragon Destroyer White or Nominated by Staff Members who find you worthy.

If you are in Dragon Destroyer White you may Apply for a test into these dorms.  (Banlist is as followed below.) However, your application may not be approved, you must make sure you are truly ready for it and hope the staff thinks you are too.

The Armityle/Timaeus Dorm setup is as followed.

Only members of their dorms can see posts made in their Thread. For example, if I am to post "Someone help me make a Deck" in the Armityle dorm, only Armityle members may see it. Same with Timaeus, Admins will have access to both forums, so please no offensive language.

At random points a Staff member will make a post in the Announcements declaring a war between Arimityle and Timeaus Dorms.  Members of each dorm must duel members from the other dorm, and post you winnings to a single thread. When the war is set up, there will be 2 threads open, 1 For Armityle Victories and 1 for Timaeus Victories. This war will last for a pre-determined time by the Staff members.

Each Victory in the tournament will count as an Arena Victory too, so you will receive Honor from the victory.

When the Wars Time is up, the victories of both teams will be counted up and Compared to the other teams. The team that wins will earn Honor up to the amount of victories.

If Armityle wins the War with 9 Victories, and the Staff member declares 20 Honor for each victory in the war, Every member of Armityle will receive 180 Honor.


You cannot have a single person do all the war duels, you must alternate between Team members to keep it fair.

There is a 6 Hour cool down time between the time you may challenge the same person. So if I Challenged another Admin, I cannot duel them for 6 hours, but I may duel others.

As a Slaughter Rule, first team to 30 wins in the decided time frame will automatically Win.

Banned decks are:
Zoodiac, True Draco/King, Magician pendulums, Dinos, and Toads.
Exodia and Burn are also banned, So other then that go nuts.

Decks will not be locked after a win/loss. Unless a staff member who makes the War puts it in that specific wars Rules.

In some wars, 2 Staff members shall participate. These staff members will be split to the separate teams. And whichever team the staff member joins, that staff member may not look at the other teams forums.

The duelist from each dorm with the most victories in the war shall be Rewarded with Speed Counters or a Free Name Change. And a Glow of the other teams team color.
So the Armityle member with the most wins will have a Timaeus Gold Glow and Vice Versa for the Timaeus Member.

However, This glow is only Temporary. It will last until the start of the next War. This is to show who in each war did the best.[b]


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