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Mokie's Test Results

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Mokie's Test Results

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:33 pm

Deck Creativity: 2/10
coming at me with this blue eyes shit D:<
Main Deck 10/15
(42 Cards max. Every card over 42 decreases this score by 1)
needs more draw power and why u running priest and no veiler to search with it? also u only got 1 dragon shrine? and hite stone of legend? isnt the new 1 good enough for u?
Side Deck: 4/10
was decent for being half made
Extra Deck 5/5
basic blue eyes extra
Control of the Duel: 12/15
pretty much had it the whole time
Deck Consistency: 10/10
its blue eyes wat do u expect?
Misplays: 8/10 (-2 for each misplay the testee makes)
u didnt use gospel at the end of G2 which woulda saved you
Duel Outcome: 15/20
Duel 1 Win. 10 Points
Duels 1 and 2 Win. 20 Points
Duels 2 and 3 Win. 15 Points
Duels 2 OR 3 win, With no other wins. 5 Points

Total Score: 66/95

Welcome To Ultimate Dragon Blue!

0-43 Flare Knight Red
44-59 Dragon Destroyer White
60-85 Ultimate Dragon Blue
86-95 Timaeus Gold


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