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Daniel8503's Test Results

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Daniel8503's Test Results Empty Daniel8503's Test Results

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 28, 2017 1:57 pm

Banned decks are as listed here,
Decks shown in this list: This list constantly updates. Some decks in this list aren't banned. Make sure to ask beforehand if yours is allowed.
Exodia, Mill, Burn, Stall.

Alternate Win Conditions are allowed, outside of the few listed above.
Use of one of the banned decks will earn you A guaranteed spot in Flare Knight Red.

Deck Creativity: 3/10
basic lunalight build
Deck Size 15/15
(42 Cards max. Every card over 42 decreases this score by 1)

Side Deck: 6/10
some random shit i dont see the point of...

Extra Deck 5/5
pretty basic lunalight extra
Control of the Duel: 2/15
virtually none
Deck Consistency: 6/10
not being able to set up his field first turn g2 cost him the game
Duel Outcome: 0/20
Duel 1 Win. 10 Points
Duels 1 and 2 Win. 20 Points
Duels 2 and 3 Win. 15 Points
Duels 2 OR 3 win, With no other wins. 5 Points

Total Score: 37/85

Welcome To Flare Knight Red!

0-40 Flare Knight Red
41-57 Dragon Destroyer White
58-73 Ultimate Dragon Blue
74-85 Timaeus Gold


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